As you grow in your cardmaking knowledge and skills, here are some helpful tips about things I wish I knew early on in my card making journey to make life easier while I was creating.

helpful hints on having prepared card bases ready to create with
tip to remember to use all sides of your grid paper before actually recycling it
cleaning tip by using alcohol wipes for cleaning blocks and tools
listed the steps to design a card from start to finsih
use the stampin' pierce mat so your will have good stamped images results
tip to use a clear stamp block as a crease folder if you don't have your bone folder
protect your stamping mat with grid paper
more uses for your grid paper when you are stamping


Stampin’ Up! offers a variety of adhesive products to choose from.  In the tips shared below you will find there are specific applications for each adhesive.

Using adhesive sheets in your paper crafting
tip on how to use the take your pick tool to remove backings from dimensional pieces
tip on using adhesive sheets from Stampin' Up! when die cutting.
hint on how to see which dimensionals still have their backing paper needing to be removed.
ways to apply tear and tape in your paper crafting projects
a trick on storage and turning tombow liquid glue unside down for the preferred tip you like to use.
A graphic that shows 4 tips how to use the Multipurpose Liquid Glue from Stampin' Up!
helpful tip for keeping your roll of glue dots neatly rolled up
a tip on using Stampin' Up! dimensionals completely without any waste
Bits and pieces of dimensionals can be used on odd sized shapes so you don't waste any dimensionals


There are a lot of coloring techniques you can do on your paper projects, but these tips below have a wide range of applications you can use in your card making.

tip on how to color embellishments for custom color matching
three tips on what products to use to color your stamped images
chart on which black ink to use for coloring projects in your paper crafting
tip on how to use your stampin' write markers to color rubber stamps
tip on how you can add color to words in a stamp easily
tip on how to fill in partly filled in greeting words with a stampin' write marker


Here are a few easy tips to insure you have a quality inking of every image you stamp.

tips about the several kinds of black ink pads stampin' up sells.
helpful tip for keeping your roll of glue dots neatly rolled up
several tips on how to avoid getting halos around your stamped images which you do not want to occur
Image of how to use your background stamps on an envelope front.
tip for flipping over your ink pad to ink the stamp you need from above.
helpful tip for keeping your roll of glue dots neatly rolled up


Stampin’ Up! ribbons are high quality, but sometimes you end up wasting some because you didn’t know these tricks. Give them a try!

tip about using adhesive on the back of a tag before applying ribbon to it.
tip about using a binder clip to secure ribbon within its spool
tip for how to use your take your pick tool to thread ribbon in tags
Using adhesive sheets in your paper crafting
tip to use less ribbon by taping cut ends to card layer back.
helpful tip for keeping your roll of glue dots neatly rolled up


Organization of your tools and supplies is critical to being able to find things when you need them. Explore these ideas and see which you might implement in your crafting space.

a tip on labeling your ink pads properly
use a small drawer container to store your clear stamp blocks to have them within arms reach
Always apply your cling labels to your cling stamps
a suggestion for how to store your dies in their original packaging but still make them useful to use.
tip on labeling your stamping blends markers for easy identification
use a container to keep your basic white cardstock useable pieces nearby
example of  how to store cardstock out of the sun in file folders
a tip on how to know which die set a missing die piece might belong to
suggestion to have a large jar for storage of ribbon pieces
tip about organizing your cardstock color scraps in a small tub with labels on the bags
a suggestion how to use retired designer paper  and store them in 6"x 6" sizes
An idea to match dies and sentiments for easy usage in your cardmaking prior to doing the actual stamping.
punch drawer photo with punches on their sides for maximum storage in a pull out drawer
A tip idea on how to store your card making embossing powders.
A graphic showing how to label your ink spots for easy organization
showing how to store embellishment packages in plastic pockets in a bin.
brother p-touch labeler printer and app information
a tip on using Stampin' Up! dimensionals completely without any waste
idea about labeling the colors of the embellishments since the package doesn't say
A graphic telling how to make a Color Coach Reference Ring using a print out and cardstock.
A graphic showing a sponge dauber case filled with sponge daubers and recommending that you label your dauber by ink color.


These good to know tips will help you use your paper crafting supplies  and tools wisely and not be intentionally wasteful.

tip on how to use both sides of y our cardstock if you need to
washi tape is your friend when it comes to cling stamps and removing them from the stamp blocks
having an acrylic photo frame to stick your stamps to while making projects is a good idea
a tip for conserving cardstock by die cutting a shape from the center of a piece of cardstock if possible
tips for how to clean up the edges of your cut cardstock if ragged
a sticky lint brush is a very useful tool in your craft space
This image showing a papercrafting tip using a see-through rule and dark Basic Black Stampin' Blend marker from Stampin' Up! to draw a black border 1/8" from a card's edge to create a faux layer to save time and thickness.
a reminder on paying attention to the direction of patterns on designer paper
tip to wax the track of your ink pad inner case for smoother operation
an assortment of fun ideas on ways to make bunnies


Stampin’ Up!s Metal Dies are high quality and will last a very long time, but these helpful tricks in this section will help you make them last even longer!

some suggestions on how to use your dies multiple ways
how to get perfect die cuts every time
suggestion to trace your dies to know where they go in the package
suggestion to take photos of your dies so you'll know how to arrange them to make sure you haven't lost any
great idea to tilt your dies for smoother operation of die cutting machine
be efficient with die cutting as much as you can in one pass
how to use Stampin' Up! dimensionals properly
This image showing a papercrafting tip using a metal deckled rectangle die from Stampin' Up! can be offset on a precut piece of yellow cardstock to allow you to cut a layer slightly smaller than the die itself to be used in cardmaking.
helpful tip for keeping your roll of glue dots neatly rolled up


Last but not least is this grouping of helpful tips and tricks you may not yet know. Give them a try!

a tip on using a coffee filter to gather embossing powder and return to original container
tip about proper usage of the embossing folders
three ways to punch out an image well
hints for labeling embossing folder for die cut machine sandwiches depending on folder type
washing instructions for simply shammy pad
a tip for easy access to your embellishments
how to use Stampin' Up! dimensionals properly
a tip about having an easy way to use your simply shammy
how to use Stampin' Up! dimensionals properly