The All Inclusive Kits Collection

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What Comes in One of These Kits?

The Kits Collection by Stampin’ Up! makes creativity easy! Our all-inclusive kits have everything you need to get started including artistically-designed projects, step-by-step insructions, pre-cut pieces and more.

Choose the kit that’s right for you! There is an assortment of options designed in a range of styles for a variety of occasions. New kits added monthly and are available only while supplies last.

For example if you choose a card kit, you will find a clear stamp block, and a small ink spot to apply on the set of photopolymer (clear) stamps that come in the kit. There will be pre-cut and pre-scored materials, needed adhesives, and easy to follow directions. Envelopes will be included too. You might need to supply a pair of scissors in case there is twine to cut. .

The best part is you keep the ink spot and stamp set to use again and again as you grow in your skills.

Many Benefits to Starting with the Kits Collection

For many people who are thinking about trying their hand at starting the paper crafting hobby, the ability to try an all-inclusive kit first is very appealing. You get an idea of what the experience will be like by following the kit directions and using the provided pre-cut materials. The entry cost with an all-inclusive kit is relatively low compared to buying lots of supplies and tools you aren’t sure how to use.

For casual crafters, the idea of an all-inclusive kit can be a fun way to invite your friends over for a social event, and everyone has a finished product to take home with them at the end of the event.

For experienced crafters, these kits can be a great way to enjoy a project with your child or grandchild, or take with you to craft while on vacation of RVing, or even give as a gift to your crafty friends for birthdays and holidays.

example of a Stampin' Up! kits collection kit. this one is of a count down calendar for christmas.

10 reasons to try one of Stampin’ Up!s kits first

  • Kits are a low-cost.
  • They offer a great value for their cost—the stamp set and ink spots are all reusable.
  • Working with kits can be an enjoyable experience that appeals to all ages.
  • Kits are a one stop box—supplies are contained and there is almost no surplus, which is great for those with limited space.
  • Stampin’ Up! offers a diverse range of kits—there’s something for everyone.
  • Kits can take the stress out of inviting your friends over for a social event.
  • If you have friends all around America, you can organize a Zoom Crafting Event where each of your friends orders a kit of their choice from the online store. Then on the specified day and time, Zoom together to chat and craft. 
  • Kits offer a great way for non-crafters to try something new without feeling intimidated.
  • Kits can build your crafting confidence, which might make you want to become a full-fledged paper crafter!
  • Plus these kits are FUN!